What Women Want in Porn

A few months ago we asked women to tell us what love and hate about our favorite subject … porn.



The following is a list of quotes submitted by you. Your feedback has not only destroyed the myth that women aren’t turned on by visual stimulation, but you’ve also let us know what you do want to see in your favorite erotic videos. Your feedback makes a difference, as promised we will be working with porn production companies in order to make sure your needs are met.

We’ll continue to compile this information. So, please feel free to e-mail us more feedback at info@artofconnection.org.


  • “What I love about erotic videos is the ‘How Tos’ and ideas they give me. As well as the “motivation” to pursue my ideas.” – Julie


  • “I don’t need to have a great plot—I don’t even need to have a plot. Just variety and a few ‘unconventional’ acts.” – Tina


  • “Where are the good looking men? Since so much of the industry is based towards men, you tend to see knock out – “to die for” women paired up with guys they wouldn’t look twice at in real life! (Men I wouldn’t look twice at in an adult movie!!) These flicks that do have some good looking men… well… they are the gay flicks and there is definitely something missing there — WOMEN!” – Celeste


  • “True, I am personally not as turned on by adult video, pics, etc. I’m more turned on my romance.” – Sitonia


  • “I want to see the man’s penis…not just his bum but also his penis, front view, close up, both soft and hard. They have women touching themselves, so would it be nice to see a man getting a hard on under his clothes — touching himself there, shifting his erection, a man masturbating.” – Valerie


  • “Romance, fighting, making up…a story one can relate too…stories dealing with sexual issues, what some of us are afraid to try and why and how a couple deals with it.” – Annie


  • “I want to see slow close ups of the man’s body as he makes love to a woman. His hands, yet, eyes…every part of him.” – Barbara


  • “Less shots of a woman’s vagina…unless one is Lesbian or into both sexes would work better for me. Close ups of another woman’s vagina does nothing for me…neither does two women eating each other.” – Tara


  • “Make the actors believable. I can’t relate to adult stars, can’t relate to silicone makeovers. But I can relate to a nice looking girl and guy, even if he’s a little bald and she’s a little overweight. It makes the story more believable and more erotic. If ‘normal’ people can have anal sex high up on a billboard, well…so can I. I also want close ups of his balls too and some pubic hair would be nice again for a change.” – Autumn


  • “I really like to watch erotic videos. What I think is missing in many of them, is that the women do not always look like they are enjoying what they are doing. I don’t see them coming, but we sure see the guys coming all over. So it irritates me that the women don’t seem to get to orgasm.” – Beth


  • “I would be really happy with seeing REAL tits! All the guys & girls I know agree w/me on that one.” – Cora


  • “I would like to see more straight male masturbation. It’s seems all we see in films are gay men doing this. I LOVE to watch my lover masturbate.” – Farrah


  • “Visual stimulation can be very important for this girl. Not only do I get new and different ideas on what may turn my husband on… but just watching turns me on. It’s like some kind of foreplay for me, if that makes any sense. Anyway, visual stimulation can be very useful if I’m just not quite in ‘the mood’. It seems once the video is going my mood definitely changes for the better.” – Susanne


  • “I love watching adult movies with my husband. I am more turned on by the women than the men, although I have never had any lesbian experiences. I just think the female body is so gorgeous and well, the man’s body isn’t as much.” – Laurie


  • “Erotic movies have always turned me on! The films have introduced me to new ideas, sometimes, not even the intended ones. But many of those films don’t pay enough attention to the men! Women need to see more of them! The filmmakers are always careful to show the women in all types of positions, in all stages of excitement but they tend to downplay men’s positions and all of their stages of excitement. Actually, if our real down-to-earth men saw men more on display, physically and emotionally in erotic and sensitive terms, maybe they would feel more comfortable themselves. When it comes to intimacy, women love men who are both macho and sensitive at the same time!” – Zelda


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