About PIP

Talking about, educating and promoting pornography for all types.

We are a group of sexuality lovers, researchers, writers, therapists –basically sex geeks.   Some of us talk about it openly, even professionally, others of us don’t want to be too public about our interest in it.  One way or another we all do too much watching, thinking and writing about our favorite subject — porn.

While we all love it, we don’t always love how one sided it tends to be.  And that is why we started PIP — to improve porn in whatever small way we can.  By promoting it, talking about it, engaging others to talk about it, think about it and ultimately make it for all types of people — male and female, gay and straight.

We just want to see better porn — porn that gets us off and at the same time doesn’t perpetuate the same destructive sexual myths.   Our solution?  Variety.  The more people making porn, the more visions of sexuality we can get.

We agree porn is fantastic, but we cannot always agree on what ‘good porn’ is or ‘bad porn’ is, what is good for women, or what is good for humanity.  But we all can agree that most of the porn today is made primarily for a particular audience – men, and then only a certain man.  After all, most of the people who make porn today are still under the impression that the only people who will pay for porn are this male audience.

At the best, this is a  circuitous argument, as if you made more porn that appealed to women, that represented what women like to look at, imagine doing, and wish would be done to them — more women would buy it.  Duh!

Porn is like money — essentially neutral.  We all want it, enjoy it when we have it, it brings us temporary pleasure, it can bring opportunities and … it is considered the root of all evil.  But money, like sexually explicit images, are neutral.  It is only what people do with it that defines it as a benefit or a problem.

Love it or hate it, porn is here to stay.  It is easily accessible and becoming more so!  So, let’s not complain about it or blame it for unsubstantiated effects on humanity.  Let’s just make it better.

Do you want to help?

Tell us what you think of porn!  What should be done differently, and what do you want to stay as it is?  I will be compiling your answers and sending them to the producers and directors of adult films.

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