Best Porn Sites for Women

Where to find all of the best porn on the web. All women are different and want a variety of different things to stir their individual tastes.  Here are the sites that have a few things women have said they are drawn to: More realistic pace of sex. A build up. Attractive partners. Partners who […]

Porn Tubes: Where to start

I want to watch some porn, but I don’t know where to start. Is this statement something you can relate to?  Here are a few tips and recommended sites to get you started on the right track. TUBES: Porn tubes are sites that have thousands of clips of porn categorized by categories and search terms.   […]

Couple watching porn together

Watching Porn with Your Partner

10 Practical Tips For Watching Porn as a Couple Contributed by Dr. Petra Zebroff  Sex Therapist Talk about what you are interested in before you begin looking for a film. This will help you find a comfortable starting-point. Pick out a video together. Get something that you are both interested in. This is a great opportunity […]